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I Am Not Lost…

This evening, Jim and I were in Goodyear Park watering the plants at the labyrinth. It is our turn for labyrinth duty and so we tidy up the space by using the leaf blower and blowing off all the leaves and pollen that has fallen on the labyrinth. Spring is quickly coming upon us and we want to be sure our new plantings are well watered and will take root. We turned our attention away from watering the labyrinth once satisfied we had watered everything real good and started watering the fruit trees in the orchard in the park. We were surprised to find this little bookmark someone made, sealed in a bag and tied to a tree branch. The note says "I am not lost, I am just alone. If I bring a smile to your face, take me home."

This is a wonderful example of being salt and light to this world, to recall a topic in Pastor Marie's sermon a few weeks ago. My prayer tonight is that someone who finds this little bookmark will be blessed by finding it. ~Luke


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