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Outcome Stories--Creating a Culture of Generosity.

September 22, 2022

Dear Saint James Family,

Today I’m writing to share two personal stories of how St. James affects the everyday life of people:

“Being a member of the Senior Choir is my favorite way to serve and honor God. I have sung alto in Senior Choir since I was 15-years old. Singing hymns and anthems is a way to share my faith with others.”—Jan Bevan

“Music has and always will be spiritual for me. I feel the spirit of the Lord when we sing, or I am signing. Music in the church is what keeps me focused and helps me prepare my soul for the lesson of the sermon and just helps me feel the fellowship of the church in general.”—Sam Morgan

We are compiling more stories that describe some of the special experiences that individuals encounter through their worship, outreach, fellowship, teaching, studying, singing, etc. here at St. James and in the community. Of course, there will be a myriad of answers and experiences. As we begin to collect additional stories and experiences, we will share these with our church family.

In Christ’s love, I remain

Your Servant,

Jim Orser-Schwalm

Stewardship Committee


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