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Get to Know Members of Our Congregation

We’re going to start introducing members of our congregation, and sharing just a little bit about them. This will help our members and friends get to know everyone just a little better. We'll be reaching out to other members and regular attenders soon!

Up first is Pastor Marie Kane! Favorite Bible Verse – For a while Acts 9:18 “And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and his sight was restored…..) has spoken to me. After persecuting Jesus’ followers Saul (Paul) is confronted by Jesus and blinded. After one of Jesus disciples came and healed him from his blinded, is when scales fell from his eyes and his vision was restored. In my journey I have learned that we don’t always see the full spectrum of God’s Grace, love and mercy. Sometimes it takes someone to come and “open our eyes” to it. Favorite place to visit – Locally, Drift Wood Beach. In my native home Puerto Rico is Lajas, Puerto Rico as it has many memories of my grandparents. Favorite breakfast food – Coffee. Yes it is a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack food. Favorite thing to do in my free time – sit on the couch with a good blanket and all of my dogs around me. Favorite memory of St James – Thanksgiving community meal that was open to the public. Seeing everyone together and having some people from the community come and partake in the meal and fellowship filled my heart with much joy and hope.


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