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Read the Bible in a Year

It is my new years resolution and focus to grow closer to God and "understanding" of scripture. One of the ways we can grow closer and grow our understanding is by going through the bible to read and discern on the scripture. I invite you to join me in going through it everyday. I will post blogs everyday (I already messed up and posted this one late, sorry) with what I will be reading, following a list of daily scripture readings.

By December 31st, I (we) would have gone through the whole bible. You can use any version you would like, no rules except read the portion designate by dates. And if you mess up, like I did, just catch up, BUT DO NOT STOP. Keep reading.

Let us begin with January 1st readings which are Genesis chapter 1 & 2

You can grab a bible and begin to read, you can use your bible app on your phone, or you can click HERE and it will take you to the readings.

I recommend for you to sit in a place that you feel the most at peace when you are ready to begin reading.

I hope you join me in my journey through the bible


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