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Puerto Rico: Hurricane Fiona

As many of you may know, I was born and raised in the little island of Borinquen (original Taino name of the Island). Which is also known as Puerto Rico. I have family who live on the island still. One of them being my mother. She, and I blessed for this, lives North on the island, therefore, she had minimal impact from the hurricane. But others where not so lucky. Thousands of people on the island are without electricity, water, and worst of all without homes due to the hurricane.

5 years ago hurricane Maria went through the island and destroyed thousands of houses and much of their infrastructure. My people suffered through not being with out electricity, water, food, homes, but they came together and persevered with God's guidance and help from others. Now, 5 years after hurricane Maria another hurricane leaves a path of destruction.

As I said previously, I am truly blessed that my mother was not in that path of destruction and was not directly affected by hurricane Fiona. I thank you all for your concerns, prayers, and messages asking me how she was doing. She thanks you also, as I let her know that she has an extended church family concern for her.

My people, my island needs much prayer, but they need much help.

How can you help? The Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) is currently working with the Caribbean Synod to support those impacted on the island. You can donate by clicking here This will take you directly to the LDR's website to make a donation. 100% of all donations will be sent to help those affected by the hurricane.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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